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Whether hanging or leaning, round or rectangular, every Room & Board modern mirror is crafted by artisans to make a positive impression in any room.

Mirrors are more than functional. They?re works of art that reflect more than your image; they reflect your style, too. Incorporated carefully into your overall vision for your home, they perform double-duty as design statements and tools for getting ready in the morning.

Versatile and attractive, Room & Board mirrors can open up a room, add dimension to a space, increase the effect of natural light, and add a shiny pop to personal galleries or frame wall arrangements when combined with framed art.��

Like all Room & Board accessories, our mirrors are made to complement modern and contemporary furniture. From delicate and minimal, to sculptural and industrial, Room & Board mirrors express the range of modern home design.

When it comes to mirrors, it?s all about the frames. Room & Board frames are unique, exclusive and beautifully suited to contemporary homes. Our metal-framed mirrors are created by skilled metalworkers who drill, form and weld carefully selected materials to create beautiful, durable steel pieces. Our wood-framed mirrors are created by artisans using a range of wood varieties, including reclaimed wood, for a warm effect. Shadow-boxed mirrors add an unexpected dimension of depth.

Consider using mirrors throughout your home for stunning effect. Whether hanging vertically or horizontally, or leaning from a place on the floor, shelf, or mantle, mirrors make a dramatic difference in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, entryway or hallway. Much more than just a piece of glass, a beautifully designed mirror can make a strong style statement in any room.��

We also offer custom sizes in most of our mirror styles so you can get the perfect fit for any room.

Find the ideal mirror for every room to add a finishing touch. View our mirror inspiration gallery for ideas on where to hang mirrors in your home. Then, shop online or visit one of�our stores.�