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Room & Board offers modern commercial furniture for offices, hotels, restaurants and universities. Our unique blend of modern and timeless design offers a warm, residential look, but delivers quality to stand up to heavy use. Room & Board’s commercial-grade furniture consists of specific products from our residential line that are durable enough for commercial use.

For office furniture, you'll find versatile desks, benching systems, file storage and ergonomic task chairs—everything you need to outfit both shared workspaces and private offices. You'll also find conference room tables in a wide variety of sizes, including tables and desks with power outlets and USB ports.

Our sofas, accent chairs and sectionals bring comfort to lobbies, reception areas and collaboration spaces at work. We offer a selection of ACT® contract-grade fabrics, perfect for high-traffic environments where durability and stain resistance are key. Select sofas and sectionals pass ANSI/BIFMA testing standards.

Our hospitality furniture like beds, dressers, nightstands and dining chairs look right at home in hotels, restaurants or any hospitality environment. Many of our dining chairs pass ANSI/BIFMA testing standards.

Order directly online or in our stores, or work with the Room & Board Business Interiors team for access to tailored services specifically for businesses and design/build industry professionals. All of our commercial furniture carries a 5 or 10-year warranty. Our dedicated Business Interiors team is here to assist you with all commercial products.

Ordering commercial furniture through Business Interiors gives you access to a high-volume discount, payment terms and a Business Interiors product warranty. Our Project Coordinators are product experts, ready to guide you to the best Room & Board furniture based on the specific needs of your project.

No matter how you shop, you'll appreciate Room & Board's quick lead times. In-stock items can be delivered in as few as six days if you're near one of our stores. We offer flat-rate, full-service delivery and free warehousing, meaning whenever you’re ready, we'll deliver unlimited items in one trip for one low price—and take care of assembly and packaging removal. Installation day has never been easier.

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