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Modern & Contemporary Bath Furniture from Room & Board

The Room & Board bath collection showcases the signature modern look and outstanding quality you expect from Room & Board. These finely made, modern bathroom pieces represent the best of what we do: timeless modern design brought to life with top-quality materials and American craftsmanship.

To create our bathroom vanities, we work with trusted U.S. craftspeople who have been making our furniture for decades. Using responsibly harvested American maple, cherry, walnut and ash, these artisans make each bathroom vanity to the same exacting standard as all of our storage collections, with special construction details like dovetail joinery and hand-applied stains. Finished with sustainable, eco-friendly quartz tops, these are vanities you'll enjoy for years to come.

Our vanities are inspired by classic design style of the past, including Arts & Crafts, Japanese and modern minimal design. Simply find the style that speaks to you and enjoy its timeless look in your bathroom.

Room & Board bath decor is designed to coordinate with our vanities and bring a fresh, modern look to the bathroom or powder room. From towel racks welded in a Minnesota steel shop to soap dishes and tumblers cast in coastal Maine, every bathroom organization and decor item offers artful function and subtle beauty. 

Explore all of our modern and contemporary bath furniture and decor on or find the Room & Board store nearest you to get a sense for what your dream bathroom could look like.

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