Ranch House Bathroom Remodeling Done Right

The bathroom is the one room in your house where you can go to shut out the rest of the world and pamper yourself. If you live in a rural area it may mean you have a unique sense of style and would like to accommodate that style into your home.  A farmhouse can carry all sorts of charm and love if you decorate it right.  You can literally soak away the day and revitalize yourself. But, you need the bathroom of your dreams to make it work. When considering a bathroom remodel, this investment will pay you back many times over. You will see a 80-90% return on your investment in equity alone( that does not count the personal satisfaction you get every time you step into that glorious shower or soak in your whirlpool tub). A bathroom remodel is a win-win endeavor.  That will send you running til the cows come how

Planning Your Project: The Perfect Farm House Bathroom Décor

You must sit down and come up with a budget first. This will help determine whether you can do a total overhaul of your current bathroom, add to your current bathroom by knocking down some walls or if you can only afford a ‘surface renovation’, meaning the basics such as new fixtures, cabinets and flooring. In the total overhaul of your current bathroom, you can rearrange the layout by moving the tub, shower, toilet and sink to create a better flow. This may involve taking down walls to make more room for that whirlpool tub or double sinks, whatever the need.  If it is a surface renovation, you won’t be moving anything, you will be resurfacing or replacing fixtures with newer models and you might consider retiling the shower and floors.  Adding to your existing bathroom usually involves leaving the shower, tub, toilet and sink where they are, but expanding areas by knocking down some walls.  If you are looking for the best room additions our friends in Texas can help you out.  This gives you the room to enlarge your shower or change to a whirlpool tub, as they take up more room. The overall layout of the bathroom remains the same, but the increased space can totally change the look and feel of the room. I recommend you sit down with a remodeling contractor, someone that can help you determine the feasibility of the changes you want to make and advise you about the cost and materials needed.

Factors to Consider When Remodeling Your Farm House Bathroom

Now that you have decided on the specifics of the bathroom remodeling project, there are several things you’re going to need to plan for before work can even begin:

  1. The budget– very few bathroom remodels go without a hitch, especially if you live in an old home. You must be prepared for and budget for the unexpected. If you don’t and a problem does arise, you will likely lose one of the costly items on your list of must haves.

New Brands Are In

We have some great new brands that just came into the shop. First off, we are proud to offer American Dakota products from Southwestern Rugs Depot.  All of their rugs are made in the USA.  They’re a really awesome com

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Why You Should Consider Adding a Southwestern Rug to your Home

southwestern rugs

Considering giving your living space a face-lift? One of the easiest and most dramatic design changes you can make is investing in a new rug. Rugs can effectively set the tone for the room and make an aesthetic statement that can compliment your artwork and furnishings. This is especially true with western-inspired design. Investing in a southwestern rug can easily add a touch of elegance and warmth to the room.

Rugs, especially the intricate style of southwestern rugs, can easily become a focal point for a living room or bedroom, anchoring the different pieces of furniture and the color palettes of your artwork. When you think of anchoring elements in a living space, you often think of large canvases or a statement piece of furniture, rugs are usually overlooked. However, the right rug can really tie the whole room together, and, in the right style and color, can serve as a powerful statement piece. southwestern style rugs are the perfect type of rug to draw a visitor’s eye; their colorful geometric pattern elevates the sophistication of your home.

When considering a southwestern style rug for your home, there are two types: traditional hand-woven Native American rugs and modern Southwestern styled rugs. Traditional Native American southwestern style rugs have been made by the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni tribes and today their bold, earthy, and intricate designs have inspired modern southwestern aesthetics. southwestern style rugs feature block and line prints, mesas, and other geometric patterns that evoke the nouveau traditional of Western decor. The range of colors of southwestern style rugs make them a perfect accompaniment to any home. The rich, earthy hues of southwestern style rugs often come in turquoise blue, black, and red but are also available in neutrals, creams, and roses.

Southwestern style rugs can come in area rug sizes large enough for an entire living room or bedroom but are also available in smaller accent sizes. This versatility of size is a perfect if you want to try adding a small flair of southwestern decor to your home before investing in a larger and more expensive rug. If your living space centers around a western themed decor, a Southwestern style rug is a crucial design element to truly make your living space feel like home. With countless color combinations and endless variations of geometric block patterns, southwestern style rugs are a truly timeless statement piece that you will cherish for years to come.


Must Have Western Decorations

western home decor

A western home decoration can add warm and familiar feelings to any room, as the old west can make anyone feel nostalgic and like they are in a western movie. Here’s a few western themed home decorations that you must have to deck out your western-themed home or cabin.
Wood and Leather Furniture
This is a basic must-have item to have the best western decoration, as a nice western furniture can make a huge difference when you are redecorating your home. The western furniture is solid, and it is usually made of wood and brown/neutral colored or natural leather, and they help to have a familiar room and provide a place where you can be reunited with your family and friends.
The wooden furniture will be adding some character to the house, as can have western motives carved on its surface, and as this kind of furniture is really strong, you will be enjoying it for a really long time.
Western Area Rugs
There are plenty of cowhide rug or rugs with a western design, as they not only help to give a western look to all the place, and there is a huge variety of western area rugs design, for example, with a wagon theme or a cowboy boots design on it.
Longhorn Skull & Mounted Deer Head
This is one of the main decorations that you should get, as you can have a real longhorn skull mount or simply a replica if you want, because if there’s one decoration item that screams “western” is a longhorn skull mount, as is a big part of the western culture and will help to define your decoration theme.
But in some rooms the mounted longhorn skull will not look well, so you can use a mounted deer head instead, and you can use a fake deer head to get the feeling, so no animal will be hurt and you can enjoy a totally western home.
Western Paintings and Pictures
The western culture is very rich in traditions and activities, so having a beautiful painting that reflects all the spirit of the western life will be a great addition to any room of the house, and the same happen with pictures, as you can have a wooden framed picture of the Alamo or any other western related area as a wall centerpiece, and this will add a lot to the general western spirit that you are trying to create with this decoration.
Western Themed Dinnerware
You can find a lot of interesting dinnerware items with a western design on it, from the Texas star or map to cows, horses, landscapes, and patterns related to the western culture, so you will be adding a magic and important little detail to you western themed decoration.…

Cowhide Pillows Now In

We’ve got a brand new selection of premium cowhide pillows new in the shop. They are genuine cowhide, made in the United States. They feel relly strong and sturdy and I already brought one home myself. If you are looking for a little bit of western flair or are looking to complete your western home then these pillows might be a great touch for you. Come by and check them out for yourself. We know you’ll love them. We currently have 25 different cowhide pillow designs so come check them out if you’re in the neighborhood.